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Personal Style Session

by Nina Butler 20 Sep 2023 0 Comments

“I’ll have whatever she’s having!”   (Quote from the film When Harry Met Sally)

Don’t you just love sitting at a café and people watching?  It can be fascinating!  Watching the hustle and bustle, the comings and goings and the outfits that people have chosen to wear too!  Have you ever noticed that some people seem to just have “it”?!  They exude a sense of confidence, seem comfortable in their whole manner and often turn heads in a subtle way that you can’t quite put your finger on???   

Do you want to know what their secret is??  The answer is that they have style!!!  Not just any style but they understand their own style personality and work with that when putting together their outfit choices that work with colours that suit and the clothes that they buy which makes the whole art of dressing so much easier!

Maybe you are already aware of what your own personal style preferences are and have confidently built the foundations of your wardrobe, or maybe you think you know, but stand looking at the contents of the wardrobe in a morning not knowing what to pick out for the day ahead!  Perhaps you are drawn to clothing shapes that help you blend in rather than those that accentuate your body shape and compliment your skin tones instead?

A Tortue Personal Styling Session can be an opportunity for you to view the latest Tortue collection and have a personal shop without the added distractions or hassles when you shop online or on the high street.  It’s a good chance for your own personal shopper to advise and chat about what clothes you are interested in, but equally go in with an open mind to treat it as a blank page and try the suggestions that your Stylist makes as often we find that some pieces look and feel so much better on your body rather than on a hanger!

Whether you have just discovered Tortue or been buying our brand designed by a family business of over 30 years from the South of France for years, everyone gets a lot out of a Personal Style Session.  It appeals to both as we can advise which pieces in the collection will work fab with your existing vintage Tortue pieces that are already a favourite part of your wardrobe.

Wherever you are in understanding what works well for you, a Tortue Personal Styling Session can help!   We asked our Style Consultant Lisa Sinfield for a chat to explain what it’s all about and how it can help you.

I love helping people, style sessions are always fun and rewarding.  You may have spotted outfits already that you like from our Tortue.UK website or this may be your first introduction to what Tortue is all about.  Not only do you get to see the latest collection, we can show you garments up close and describe the little special details for you to see which you often can’t pick up from a photograph.  If your session is in person you get to touch and feel the fabrics as you can try before you buy.


If you know a Tortue Stylist already, they will be your contact, otherwise we will choose one of our Tortue Stylists who may be close to you geographically and/or who specialises in your body shape/height.

Our sessions are easy to book.  It costs just £25 to secure your space with your Stylist.  The sessions can be in person or via Zoom if you prefer and the £25 is redeemable against a purchase too!  Allow 45 to 60 mins online for your session and a similar time frame in person although you may have so much fun with your own “Pretty Woman” moment trying on clothes that it may last longer!

Once you have booked a session you will be sent a style questionnaire that will really help you and your Tortue Stylist get the most out of your session together. Simply complete and return the questionnaire then your Stylist will be in touch to arrange a date and time that works for you both.

You will love completing the quick questionnaire as it will make you think about your style preferences and challenges (we all have a part of our bodies that we don’t like and want to hide!).

Lisa says “I always find it fascinating how the questionnaires are so useful and yet the final outcome can sometimes be enlightening for the customer for example – you may find that you suit green more than you think or discover that you can actually wear black and blue without looking like a bruise!!”

A Tortue Personal Style Session doesn’t have to be personal!!!  You can bring along a friend too!! Each person pays £25 to book, remember this is redeemable against a purchase, alternatively you may want to organise a group pop up shopping session with your friends instead and a make a fun girls “get together” out of it instead!

Alexandra Stoddard said “Finding your personal style is a rich journey of discovery, wonder, adventure and excitement” and we couldn’t agree more!

The sessions are relaxed and fun.  Don’t worry – we will not be asking you to strip to your underwear infront of a 360 degree mirror like the TV shows!!! There is also no pressure on you to try or buy anything that doesn’t make you look and feel fantastic!

Lisa says “Most customers have so much fun and get a lot out of the session so go on to book another when more items are added to the collection and at the start of the following season.  The great thing is that your Tortue Stylist knows what you have in your capsule wardrobe and which pieces and accessories will compliment your outfits.”

But don’t just take it from us!!! Here are some of the things that our customers have said about our Tortue Personal Style Sessions:-

“Thankyou I really enjoyed our session – the time flew by and I LOVE the pieces that we chose – can’t wait for them to arrive now!”

“Thankyou so much – I would never have tried wide leg jeans if it wasn’t for you showing me how to wear them for my body shape.  I love my new t shirts too – will definitely be back for another session when the new collection comes out.”

“…and thankyou for helping me find my back to work wardrobe.  Having been at home with the kids for so long I’d kind of lost myself and you just helped me find ‘ME’ again…”

Your exclusive clothes selection will be ordered and shipped from France to arrive with you approximately two weeks after your Personal Style Session, so if you are shopping with a purpose in mind such as an outfit for an event you will need to bear this in mind when booking the timing of your Tortue Personal Style Session.

You can book your own session via our Tortue website at

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Angela x

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