About Us

Tortue UK has the exclusive rights to distribute the beautiful Captain Tortue collections into the UK.   You wont' find it anywhere else in the UK but here at Tortue UK.
Timeless and versatile collections to create a fabulous coordinated wardrobe, our designs flatter all body shapes with premium comfort and style.  Our aim is that you get more COMPLIMENTS than ever before, when wearing Tortue.   
Tortue UK is run by a small group of ladies who LOVE the clothes and LOVE helping their customers.   Let us make you choosing your outfits and what to wear a joy and pleasure.    We are also proud of our ethical, sustainable and eco- friendly range - watch out for the turtle logo. 

Here's the team ; Sophie Beddow, Michelle Kovacs, Amelia Taylor, Lisa Sinfield, Sue Marsh, Alison Falconer, Ruth Sweeten-Dewhurst, Sharon Miller, Caroline Tait, Karen Savage, Jennifer Campbell, Angela Yorke, Alison McRae, Lizzy Hampton, Susan Mannion  and Managing Director and Chief Packer of Gorgeous Clothes Nina Butler.
Tortue UK Fashion Clothing
We aim to provide you with gorgeous unique clothes and great customer service if you want to order online, and great personal customer service if you prefer a bespoke face to face way of shopping with a consultant - the choice is yours.
Stay chic and happy x