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How does the sizing work ?

by Lou Temlett 09 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Ooh la la it's French !  so the clothes have European sizing labels, we convert to standard UK sizing for you on the website to hopefully make it easy and more familiar.   For example a UK size 12 is a size 40.   Our team of Personal Stylists are always happy to advise on the right dress, jumper, coat, blouse or accessories to complete your outfit.   

We often add the team's advice regarding sizing to individual pieces within the product description.     We know sometimes customers like a longer length to cover the bottom, other times,  people want boxier type shapes as they have a more petite frame.   

This season its very 'on trend' to wear things 'over-sized', lots of the collection is designed to give you that on trend over-sized look, so sometimes it's worth sizing down if you personally prefer a more fitted look.     Again our team of personal stylists are here to help answer your questions and guide you - it's the joy of personalised advice !    Let's face it we are all different sizes and shapes and we all want to feel great in what we wear.    There are many tips and tricks to show off your best features to the max and detract from those you aren't so confident about.

We also have many items in the collections that are 'T Sizes'.    Here is the explanation and conversion chart for those garments.   If you are usually a 12 or 14 take a T2 size.  Remember though this season, with the 'over-sized' look bang on trend, if you are usually size 18/20 a T3 would generally be a good choice.    If you were a 10/12 but preferred a fitted look consider trying a T1.     The team will show how to wear the oversized look on our socials, will you wear itfully open over a cute t-shirt as well as a dress?  We also have an amazing selection of belts this season check out the accessories page,

T sizes explanation chart

As our fab range of complementary footwear increases over the season, you'll also need to know what size to order!       We have regular new style drops to complement the main collections and we know there are some fabulous footwear items coming soon too!     Here's the conversion chart for footwear to help.

 AW23 footwear size conversion chart



Enjoy choosing your next new favourite Tortue outfit.    Remember the team are also experts on recommending items that will compliment and work with your past season pieces, our aim is to keep your wardrobe on trend and refreshed and a very happy place for you.   

Please talk to us, we only want happy customers.   x

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