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Glowing in Style: Embrace the Vibrant Hues of the Northern Lights with Our Spring/Summer Collection

by Nina Butler 27 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Northern Lights

A number of times this year the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) have been visible all over the UK from the tip of Scotland down to the far South West of Cornwall!!  Its an amazing phenomenon of nature and a real “wow” moment if you are lucky enough to catch them!

They are best viewed through a camera lens to see their vibrant colours as they look more like smoky clouds to the naked eye.  It’s been a dream of mine personally to see them in the UK so, having loaded up the Lancaster University’s Aurora Watch webpage which forecasts when they are more likely to be seen, I regularly check the page but its always on “code yellow” which means unlikely!!  Thankfully I was checking my Facebook feed before heading to bed and saw pictures being posted by friends in Cornwall so it was all action – joggers and sweatshirt went on over the PJ’s, I hastily popped on my trainers and grabbed my teenage son and my car keys to drive up to the top of the nearest hill and look to the North West!

Full of hope we stood there in the dark …… and saw absolutely nothing!!!!  So we drove to another hill and tried again- still nothing!  Eventually we gave up thinking we had missed them and drove home!

Before going to bed (for the second time that night) I checked the Aurora Watch page again and saw that we were on red again (highly likely) so dashed to the bathroom, stood in the bath with my head through our Velux roof window to look to the North West and could just faintly see a purplish hue in the sky through my phone camera above the rooftops despite the light pollution from the street lamp next door and some trees being in the way!  Hurrah!!!    I may not have seen them as well as others in a darker skies location but mission accomplished!

Pinks and purples and vibrant greens/yellows were the colours in the Aurora – just like the colours in our Spring/Summer collection! 

Quite often we shy away from wearing bright colours and opt for neutrals instead as its “easier” but wearing bright colours is easy when you know how!

Firstly you have to know your own colour palette and which colours suit you based on your complexion, hair colour and eye colour.  This helps you to understand which colours you can turn heads in (in a good way) when you wear that colour head to toe or if it is a colour that looks good on you but in smaller doses.

Our Tortue Team can help you with this whilst giving you the opportunity to try on clothing in differing colours and styles to help you find your perfect look!

To inspire you - Pinks 

Bi-material jumper sizes 4-24 with the limited edition pink lace vest.



Cool wrap cardi in plum sizes 4 to 24

T shirt with foil writing in lilac sizes 4 to 24


Asymmetric top and trouser jumpsuit sizes 6 to 20

Face Shirt in Green sizes 4 to 24

Tank top vest in shimmer green sizes 4 to 24


Embroidered pocket trousers in yellow sizes 6 to 24

Bi material top with jewel trim in Lime  sizes 6 to 24

Printed blouse in saffron sizes 6 to 24

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