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Jean Genie – Your Wish Is Our Command!

by Nina Butler 10 May 2023 0 Comments

Many of us find that we spend a big part of our life wearing jeans … sometimes for walking the dog or just plonking about on a weekend, sometimes a smarter pair to go out for brunch or an evening out with heels but on the whole most of us have at least one pair of jeans as a staple part of our wardrobe collection that we come back to time and time again.

Shopping for jeans can be a tricky thing – sometimes you find that the waist could fit just right but you don’t actually know because the cut of the legs are too slim and you can’t pull them up past your knees!  Alternatively the legs are great but the waist is then 3 inches too big, flapping about and too much material to be comfy behind a belt and you end up like some hip young street skater with jeans keeping drooping down to flash your undies!  Then there is the pair that fits the legs (yippee) and the waist (hooray!) but if you bend/crouch down to get something off the bottom shelf in the supermarket the back of the jeans slide down and you end up inadvertently mooning at an OAP doing their weekly shop!!! So not ideal to say the least!

So, what if you could have a pair of jeans that you love and that fit well?  Jeans which are planet friendly in how they are made, super soft, with just the right bit of stretch, super comfy and feel like a second skin so much that you just don’t want to take them off to wash them as well as being hard wearing enough to pass the “crawling on your knees with a toddler” test without mooning your backside and underwear to the world too!  That would be awesome wouldn’t it? – well, that’s generally how our customers tell us they feel about Tortue jeans!!

Our amazing Design Team in France have listened and your “wish” is our command!

What makes Tortue jeans different from other retailers are the little details – contrast stitching and pocket detailing, plus waist adjusters inside the waistband to help you adjust your fit to how you like to wear your denim.  The rise at the back of the jeans is higher than the front so that when you crouch/bend down, they don’t slip down and you don’t have to reveal your holiday tan lines! There are some nifty design features placed on the jeans that draw your eyeline in to flatter your silhouette helping you look good as well as feel good in what you wear.

Tortue jeans are made from eco responsible cotton in various colour washes from blues to neutrals and we have a selection of styles to flatter all body shapes too!  This season we have even named the styles of our jeans to make it easier for you to shop your favourite in future when variations in colour are released. 

So, follow our “Jean Genie” guide to find out which jean is the style for you…


Our traditional styles of jeans are Jane


Inspired by Designer Jane Birkin

Longer leg length in the range at 30 1/2 “ inside leg with a bootcut finish

Available in blue or black



Inspired by Supermodel Kate Moss – a slimmer leg with a thinner crinkle chino type of fabric as opposed to a denim

Wear rolled up or down in Khaki or Cappuccino – looks great worn with combat boots if you like to wear a more relaxed military style.


Our newer patterns for jeans are designed to enhance your figure with a chic modern look. 



Very “on trend” straight wider leg from the waist down.

High waisted, featuring artisan contrast stitching embroidery to the edge of the pocket

Raw hem 7/8th length cropped ankle length finish (based on 5ft 6 tall ladies) which flatters every body shape

Available in ecru, beige and a light blue wash




The “mom” jean revisits the ‘90s with panache helping to create curves in your silhouette.  Featuring a slimmer fit with a high waist for comfort and flattery in a dark vintage wash or a light wash denim.

Slightly cropped depending on your leg length featuring contrasting printed lining in the pockets which co-ordinates with the printed sleeves on the denim shirt in our range too!


“Funky and edgy”  are how we like to describe these fab jeans!  A girlfriend cut, fitted at the waist with a relaxed fit to the leg.  These jeans feature a mid rise with a diagonal set of decorative buttons offset to the front of the jeans as well as a button fly.  Available in denim or white – perfect for summer!


Its easy to try our jeans out – simply contact one of our Consultants who hold samples of our clothes and can advise on sizing.  Why not book a FREE 1:1 session so that you can try before you buy or even get together with some friends for a relaxed fun styling session where we bring the clothes to you!


Its not just jeans that feature in our denim collection as we have shorts, a shirt and a sleeveless jacket too which all our Consultants have fallen in love with! 


If you haven’t already, you may want to join our Facebook Style Online Group where you can watch our latest “live” on replay showing you how to style denim into many different looks from mixing and maxing with the wider collection.  Our live styling sessions are great for seeing how our clothes look on real people of different heights, shapes and sizes – just ask your Consultant to send you an invite to join the group or contact us via the chat option on our website at 

Have fun!


Angela x

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