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“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic”

by Nina Butler 06 Apr 2023 0 Comments

“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic”

When you are looking for a new item of clothing it can be easy to get bamboozled and cajoled into going down a route that really isn’t “you”.  Navigating a High Street or Shopping Centre in person can be a daunting prospect and online social media can also be a bit of a minefield too!!  Don’t worry – our Tortue Stylists are here to help you in person at our style sessions but if you can’t make one,  we have taken a look at what is happening out there in the big wide fashion world and thought we would bring you a round up of the Spring trends that we are seeing.

Every season there are fashion trends that come and go – some stick around for a while and others (like puff ball skirts in the 80’s) thankfully move on pretty quickly which made us think about the quote by Iman “In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic”!

At the end of the day, the fashion world works in cycles and often what goes around comes around again in the future (even those puff ball skirts!) sometimes as it was and sometimes “re-imagined” or with a “twist” so what if there were certain items of clothing that are very “on trend” but are actually classic pieces that will serve you time and time again for years to come and so worth the investment in cost per wear?

We checked the dictionary to look at some definitions to help prove our point and saw that a “Trend” is defined as a noun that is “a fashion” “a topic that is the subject of many posts on a social media site or application within a short period of time”.  

We also looked at the definitions for a “classic” and saw this in its adjective form as “judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind” and came to the conclusion that sometimes a Trend can be a Classic too and we think that is very reflective of the current Spring season.

Trends can be styles of garments, particular fabrics, patterns or colours too!  When you are trying to work out if a Trend will work for you, it is important to consider not only the obvious things like your body shape, height and the colour palette that suits you, but also how you feel when you try the garment on, does the garment work with your personality and what does it look like on you!  (We’ve all done that thing where we see something on someone, love the look and want that effect for ourself, but if our own personality doesn’t fit the style personality of the clothing then it just doesn’t work and you are left feeling a bit flat and disappointed!)

So, now that we’ve got the school work over (never really enjoyed English Language lessons), we will walk you through what we are seeing.

The first Trend which is most definitely a classic too is the Breton stripe.  Nothing screams “springtime” at you more than embracing the classic Breton stripe top with jeans,  but this season the twist in our Tortue blue and white Breton stripe T shirt is the stencilled effect floral motif at the front which helps you to stand out from the crowd (in a good way!) whilst still being a classic Breton that will keep you fresh in Springtime for many years to come.  We love it paired with our converse inspired trainers – another classic - with heart motif details to keep your look fresh.

Sticking with the Breton stripe theme there is also a Trend for anything black and white which is an especially “Chanel” inspired look.  You can have this look covered by our fab black and cream open weave knit jumper with beautiful pearlized buttons at the cuff.  Wear it tucked in for classic black with a thin cream stripe or wear it untucked to embrace the wider cream stripe at the hemline.   We think the zip leg trousers look fab with it in either the black or ecru colourways!

The denim jumpsuit is a piece that the Tortue team absolutely love and we are not alone as sizes are starting to sell out!   It seems that the celebrities are loving the denim jumpsuit look too with Lorraine Kelly from morning TV, Molly Hocking (singer/songwriter and winner of The Voice 2019), plus celebrity chef Emily Scott all being seen looking fabulous in various denim jumpsuit designs.  This is another classic piece that comes round again and again and can be styled in different ways – think of wearing your hair tied up in a turban with a patterned scarf and chunky boots for that 1940’s land girl look, or add illuminous accessories, a bright chiffon scarf as a hairband, as many thin bangles that you can get on each arm as possible, legwarmers and brightly coloured pixie boots for an 80’s Madonna look and your classic up to date trendy jumpsuit can also double up for you as a ready made fancy dress outfit too!

Pleats are here but narrow little pleats are the way to go.  We see that several brands have embraced this either in terms of pleated tops or skirts and we are loving our two new pleated long skirts in contrasting colourways.

An element of a “military” look is definitely another theme this season.  Some brands have gone for a full on military style of jacket whilst we have opted for appliqué military stripes on the sleeve of our floral print jacket for an interesting twist which has been very popular and is another item that is selling like hot cakes so be quick to order if you want to get your hands on one before they totally sell out!

Patterned comfy wide legs trousers are popping up – great for comfort factor whilst travelling especially if you have booked a holiday with a long flight.  Our print contains a nod to the magenta colour of the year but are also available in classic black (great for yoga/pilates) too.  

Another classic trend is bright vibrant “proper” emerald green!  If you tend to shy away from bright colours then you can embrace the trend with our fab bag or if you are ready to spring into action then colour blocking your outfit “head to toe” with our Summer Party collection two piece asymmetric top and trousers will have you covered.

Turning to prints – leopard print is definitely here to stay!  (Leopard is a neutral after all just like the best selling book title). This is another thing that is a classic.  In previous years we have seen oversized prints and neon versions of the print too but this year, we are keeping the leopard print a little smaller in our leggings with a bit of a colour pop of pink to tone in with the Pantone colour of the year being Magenta.  Anything that has an element of the Magenta shades from a pale lilac (like our motif T shirt) to a more muted raspberry colourway (like our wrap cardi that you can also wear as a jumper) will be keeping you on trend too! 

Contact your Tortue Consultant or view our new Bright Spring collection on our website at    Please do share your Tortue photos on our social media pages – we love to hear from you and see your style!

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