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Tortue ??? What's your name again ???

by Nina Butler 24 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Tortue is the French word for Turtle.   And what has that to do with gorgeous clothes I think you'll be wondering :-)     Well the turtle symbol is our logo which importantly represents the sustainability range we are constantly developing and expanding. The turtle shell body represents the world we live in hence we call the on-going project Planet Tortue.      

The 30 year family values and origin of the French company who design and manufacture the gorgeous collections we sell, are represented in the turtle name and logo too, because the founding couple met and married on a Caribbean island where turtles hatch their young.

And we love turtles (and all animals).    We have many pets as well as children between us !


We hope 'Tortue' is a memorable name that you will happily pass on and recommend us to others, as our company mission is simply to have happy stylish customers full of confidence in their savvy wardrobe purchases.    If we can sponsor some turtles too then fab as they are an endangered species.


Nina x


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