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Spring is coming....

by Nina Butler 10 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Spring is on the way……..


On a dreary dark January day what can be better than lifting your spirits with a little taster of what is coming soon to our new Spring/Summer Tortue Collections!

It is easy to see where the inspiration for our Spring colour palette has come from when you consider how nature is affected by the changing seasons.

Just as those dreary little sticks on plants and trees start to bud with little green shoots and buds of vibrant colour so does the colour injection to our new range - designed to lift the spirits but also still co-ordinate with the colours of seasons past to ensure that your wardrobe works well.

The fashion icon Vivienne Westwood once said “Buy less, choose well, make it last” which given the current economic times is perhaps more true than it is has ever been.  With our fab Tortue range, you don’t need to spend lots of money (unless you really want to) to update your look – just one or two key pieces can make all the difference to updating your fashion favourites and lifting your mood.  Our fab eco materials in our Planet Tortue range also are helping to minimise the impact on our planet too!

Whether you are someone who embraces bright colours or if you prefer neutrals or classic navy, everyone can wear colour and wear it well.


Just like those green shoots on the plants and the flower buds starting to appear, start off by introducing a little colour to your outfit by an accessory – think scarf, a bag, a necklace or a bracelet in a brighter shade to start with as these can contrast beautifully with a darker or classic neutral  shade and match the tone of the time of year without looking like you’ve just stepped off an aeroplane from the Mediterranean!

As the days start to lengthen out, and the weather improves, aim for a larger block of colour moving the colour to your main outfit and switching to classic accessories or if you are fully embracing the new shades go for colour blocking where you wear the same colour or different tones of the same colour from head to toe!!

Just like a spring bouquet of flowers you can mix different colours from the palette and wear them together.  If mixing prints aim to mix similar colours and similar size of patterns for the best effect.

We can’t wait for the lighter evenings, sensational sunsets and the spring in our steps that the brighter colours of the new season promise.  The collection is on the way and we are looking forward to sharing it with you very soon!   

Angela x


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