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It’s all about the details …

by Nina Butler 26 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Have you ever been to an art gallery and looked at one of those really clever pictures of a celebrity which has been compiled using hundreds of smaller photos of other people? 

So many times we look at the bigger picture seeing something awesome and amazing but its only when you stop and take a closer look you see that there are small details seemingly insignificant but which combined with other things contribute to the overall effect that you see.

Wondering where this blog post is going?? Well, it’s the same with our Tortue collection.  When our Design Team create our fab pieces, there is a lot of consideration and little touches that goes into the fit and finish of our collection to create that “wow” effect when you wear your Tortue outfit!

We know that a lot of ladies struggle to find jeans and trousers that fit properly and many people find that too often to get trousers that fit the hips nicely there is an excess of fabric around the waistband just in the place where you don’t want an excess of anything!  We get around this issue by having waist adjusters inside the waistband of our jeans so you can cinch in the waist to get a nice comfortable fit without the faff.

Our Kate and Romy Jeans feature metallic chain detailing at the waistband or over the pockets.  This draws the eye in which helps to give the illusion of a smaller waist.  It also means you have a belt effect … without having to wear a belt!  Perfect if you find belts annoying and also means a quicker turnaround when changing too!  Alternatively go for a patterned belt to draw the eye in to your waist and away from your hips.

Our garments have different types of pockets as we know that the placement of a pocket suits different body shapes.  Some of our garments feature zip pockets, Italian style pockets or “faux pockets” especially on the butt – to give you all of the style but none of the bulk from extra fabric where you may not want it!

Our smart tailored trousers have strategically placed darting details to enhance your silhouette, particularly around the hips and bottom on the rear waistband areas.  The tailored effect helps you feel fab as well as looking fantastic!  Perfect for smarter occasions or corporate events as they not only look more luxurious but are comfortable to wear too … especially if you have to sit at a conference all day!

Moving down the leg our darker jeans are slightly fade washed down the length of the centre of the leg leaving the darker colouring to the sides of the leg.  This little trick draws the eye forwards giving the impression that legs are longer and more slender – a similar effect is gained by using contrasting side bands on some of our trousers which also gives a chic sportwear vibe to your outfit.

Our designers often use a fine lurex thread in our tops, shirts and blouses especially around the necklines.  The lurex thread reflects light back towards your face to brighten your complexion.  We often have embroidered details in our clothing too like the detailing across the shoulders of our blue Dress with Quilted Panels – detailing which can be easy to miss if you have long hair worn loose but can be enhanced by wearing hair tied up or shorter hair styles.

Many of our fabrics are not just a simple weave of “flat” cloth.  Our Dot and Flowers Printed Blouse and our Ivory Pleated Blouse have a finer fabric comprising ethereal cotton voile with a raised dot in it giving a subtle embroidered effect.  Layer on top the print pattern or lurex thread plus a tamed down frilled Mao collar or a raw edge band to the neckline plus pretty romantic pintuck details that you only really notice when you look closely but contribute to that overall effect – a bit like that picture made up of many photographs that we mentioned!

Our garments often feature contrast prints and colours – take the red print piping edges to the hems and cuff edges of our Amour Shirt Dress which match the pattern of the accompanying belt, contrasting red threads in our checked trousers that perfectly match the red of our Fancy Dot Sweater or our Floral Buttoned Dress from our newly launched Army Chic range which features a flash of contrast print to the reverse side of the placket at the neckline.

We don’t skimp the details when we come to buttons either!  Some are gorgeous little pearlized buttons, some larger silver military style buttons like those on our Tweed Jacket, Funky monogram buttons on our new Velvet Corded Jacket or gorgeous sweet little heart shaped buttons decorating the exquisite neckline of our new Heart Jumper.

The overall effect is effortless sophistication.  There is a saying that “the devil is in the detail” and we couldn’t agree more which is why we encourage you to get in touch with one of our Consultants and book your own Styling Session.  They can show you the finer details in our garments which help you to stand out from the crowd, hiding those parts of your body that you don’t like and enhancing the parts of your body that you do.  Our aim is that you look good, feel good and that our clothing gets you compliments too!

 52% of our range is eco-friendly and easily identified by a little turtle on the label but we are not stopping there - we are gradually increasing this with the aim being 100% of our range sustainable and planet friendly by 2025 too!


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