Ruth, Clitheroe

Let me introduce myself, I love all things French, especially the clothes and their style not to mention the food and wine , I also teach French and I’m a translator and a writer in my spare time too. I’m also a mum of three.

I started my French Captain business over 12 years ago, and I’ve been wearing Captain Tortue for around 15 years!!! It’s all I have in my wardrobe!

I’ve lived in different areas of France, my family home is in the Perigord, and my Mum still lives there so I’m a very frequent visitor to the country. That’s how I discovered Captain Tortue all those years ago!  On one return journey home when I’d filled the boot of the car with beautiful French clothes for my 3 small children, my husband announced this would be the last time!!!  I had taken up all the space and left him no room for the French wines he wanted to bring home!!!  So the search was on, and I can still remember the delight of my incredible discovery, Captain Tortue, beautiful French clothes available in the UK, and the rest is history. 

I love meeting my customers and welcoming them to my home boutique, where I have a dedicated area for shopping and styling.  There’s nothing like seeing the joy the clothes can bring, sharing the tears and the laughter and those special moments when you both know you’ve found something perfect for them. 

“This is my first French Captain Clothing experience and it won't be my last, I got a new summer wardrobe sorted in a couple of pain-free and rather enjoyable hours. The pieces Ruth helped me choose, go together in loads of different combinations and I can mix in some of my existing wardrobe favourites. We managed to take one jumper I picked from a food shop, to weekend drinks, to a Monday morning client meeting, with just a change of shoes here, a quick change of pants there and the addition of a scarf. Perfect!”


I studied French at Manchester University, and previously worked in TV at the BBC and Granada Television as a Researcher, Assistant Producer and Writer. I have also worked in the music industry at Sony Music in Australia and as a Translator and French Account Manager for businesses.