Amelia, Bristol

Hi I’m Amelia, a proud Tortue stylist based in Bristol & North Somerset, mum to two gorgeous girls and wife to ‘Army Mike’! My ‘other job’ is managing the family farm which includes daily adventures with our crazy collie-dog Jeffrey and my lovely Dad who is sadly suffering with Alzheimer’s. It certainly never gets boring in my world!!! 


I love working with our gorgeous clothes as not only do I enjoy getting up and throwing on our newest fitness gear for my morning run, but I love helping to choose outfits for other ladies, be it for a special event or just that perfect pair of jeans or new blouse! My go to pieces are always our jeans and lovely tops, jumpers and jackets! Oh dear I forgot to mention the jumpsuits and playsuits too!!! I do love it all!!!

I welcome ladies at my in home boutique for group shops or one on one sessions, I can also be found ‘popping up’ at someone’s home or work, but I also really love jumping on social media and telling everyone (who will listen) about the latest new arrivals or trends. I’m always trying to learn new skills for my Instagram reels (and now tiktok videos!) and I aim to put a smile on people’s faces whilst spreading the Tortue love. My mission is to make Tortue clothing go viral!!! 💕


Call me: 07771 908060
Client Review
"Personal shopper extraordinaire! Amelia knows me, knows what i like, challenges me too to try new styles and colours! When it comes to shopping for clothes it’s like shopping with my best friend!