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Your handy sale shopping guide - Happy New Year !

by Nina Butler 02 Jan 2024 0 Comments

Happy New Year!

I’m not sure about you, but I think it is safe to say that most of us have over indulged a bit this Christmas and I know I certainly have!!! Cheese, crisps, chocolate not to mention everything else that comes with a traditional Christmas Day feast! So much so, I think I’m ready for a scaled back January to get things back in control like ‘ahem’ …. my waistline!!!

The end of the year and beginning of a New Year is typically a time for reflection and setting some new goals by way of New Year Resolutions but I think this year I’m going to do it a bit differently to “the norm” and instead of setting a load of hard and fast new “rules” of doing and stopping various things I’m just going to ‘go with the flow’ a bit ….. no really ….. hear me out!

As we all know, we start off January the 1st with good intentions (like those who enthusiastically join a gym with fitness goals) that start off well but we also know that not everyone sticks to what they plan to do for various reasons (and quite often by February the gym person has given up!) so rather than beat myself up for not doing something I’ve set in stone…., this year I’m setting things in sand so that they are moveable and more forgiving! (aka – ive no idea what my New Years Resolution is yet so I’m buying myself some time lol!).

One thing I do know, is that every January it is important to really look at what your clothes buying habits have been in the previous year and to reflect on the contents of your wardrobe so that you don’t make any rash Sale purchases that you will later regret!

The festive and January sales are a particularly tempting time of year. Maybe you were given vouchers or cash for Christmas and its burning a hole in your pocket that you just can’t wait to spend!! Sometimes we feel that we spent so much time planning, preparing and “doing” Christmas for everyone else that we need a little treat for ourselves as a reward, sometimes it can be “twixmas” boredom online impulsive (and sometimes late night online after a glass of wine… or two) sale shopping or maybe we feel that we have over-indulged so much so, that we just need a bigger size of clothing to be more comfortable when struggling to button up the jeans!

Before you hit the shops (in person or online) we recommend you follow our handy sale shopping guide to keep you on track.

Firstly, whatever your reasons for shopping the sales, you need to take a good look at what you already have in your wardrobe! This is an important first step as we all have some things that are pushed to the back that we will probably have not worn this last year and have completely forgotten all about! Sometimes these pieces can be worn with other items that you already have and can revitalise your wardrobe at no cost to yourself so you can save that money towards something else that you really do need instead.

Next, check that you don’t have duplicates of things. If you like a nice crisp white shirt and already have 3 perfectly wearable ones hanging in your wardrobe then you don’t really need that 4th one you are looking at online! Alternatively, if you don’t have a crisp white shirt in your

wardrobe, then this is a wardrobe staple “must have” that can be worn time and time again in different outfit combinations dressed up or down to the occasion. Our Bi material shirt in white is just £44.50 (was £89) when you use code TORTUE50 at checkout It’s a timeless “investment” piece giving a modern take on a classic style. Crafted with bi-materials and pearl effect buttons for casual-chic finesse!

Think about your lifestyle before you shop. If you live in a rural area and rarely “dress up” for anything then super dressy pieces are not going to be a good buy for you – even if they do have 70% off in the sale and look amazing on Tess Daly! Choose pieces that are the kind of thing that you can wear multiple times including if you are buying an outfit for a special occasion like a wedding – make sure it can be adapted to be worn more than just on “The Big Day”.

Consider the cost per wear of your clothing items that you already have or are thinking of buying (I know its maths but this is useful maths!). If you buy something for £50 and never wear it in 2 years then that is a bad purchase but if you buy something for £50 and wear it more than 50 times then that item has effectively paid for itself and been a bargain!

Shop the basics – things like plain neutral T shirts or vest tops that can be worn as layering pieces. Given these items are probably worn the most in all seasons over the course of a year, take a critical look at what you have and if they are damaged, out of shape or a ‘greyer shade of white than they used to be’ then replacing these items will be a good move. Our reversible lace tank top in peacock blue is a fab item that can be worn as a layering piece in cooler weather or as a top in its own right in warmer weather too! Being reversible you can opt for a round or V neck with your lace straps and it’s a part of our Planet Tortue eco-range as its made from Ecovero viscose fabric too!

Go through your wardrobe and anything that is misshaped, looks a bit washed up or has holes/damage that cannot be repaired should be ditched for material recycling. Rather than just replace, think about when you last wore those items. If worn regularly then do replace, but if not then don’t – save your money for something you will wear instead.

Look at the size of the garments in your wardrobe – make sure your items fit you! If they don’t then its time to get rid (unless you find your weight regularly fluctuates and you need to keep multiple sizes to hand). Never buy something in the sale to wear “when you lose some weight” as it won’t be the best use of your hard earned cash – especially if you join the gym and then give up by the end of January! Anything that doesn’t fit you anymore could be donated to charity, swapped with a friend or consider selling though a local second hand dress agency or on a preloved site like Vinted so that you can reinvest your sale proceeds into something you really do need, love and will wear instead. If you do sell through a local second hand dress agency, you are supporting another small business keeping your local economy going too!

Look for any gaps that you have in your wardrobe – if you have thrown out a load of jeans due to their wear and tear then you may now need to replace them if that is something you wear regularly – all our jeans are now reduced and start from just £44.50 using code TORTUE50 at checkout online and we have something for everyone, from turnup jeans, high waisted jeans, flare jeans, blue jeans, grey jeans, green jeans, mom jeans and frayed ankle jeans too! Checkout our website at or contact your Tortue Stylist to find the right pair for you.

When you are ready to go sale shopping to find your bargain it is worth being a bit strategic and plan ahead – maybe there is something that you need for a summer holiday like a new swimsuit that is “out of season” for shopping in winter and can be a good sale price buy. Equally shopping for a winter coat at the end of the season in sales is a good top tip too! Our quadricolour coat is a good example of this, being a real tailored wool mix winter coat with slightly oversized fit for a chic and cool silhouette to mid length. Reduced from £150 to just £75 in our sale when you use code TORTUE50 at checkout.

Consider making the most of your money and “luxe” it up! If you would normally spend £70 on a nice shirt, yes you could perhaps buy one in the sale at £40 instead of the £70 you would normally spend and save yourself £30 or you could buy a better quality or more expensive one like a silk shirt that is usually over £100 and reduced to £70 instead and so making your money go a little bit further by buying an ‘investment piece’ can be a good move, but only if it is something that you will wear time and time again.

Our cupro blouse in fuschia is a great example of this. The luxurious cupro material has the look and feel of silk and is eco-designed for the sustainable fashionista! The bright colour pop is fab for brightening up your day in Winter and totally wearable for Spring Summer outfits too! Wear as a blouse with jeans, dress up under a work suit, or wear over a vest top as a cover up with denim or white shorts in hotter weather. Looking for items that can be worn in multiple ways so that you get more outfits for your money is a savvy move. Another example of this is pieces where you can wear back to front to change up the neckline like our reversible lace tank top mentioned earlier.


Accessories can be a good buy in the sales and something that makes an ideal gift. Consider buying scarves that are on offer to put away as a Mothers Day gift or as a Birthday gift or Teacher gift. Our Jacquard Zebra Scarf is a good example as comes in neutral two tones of khaki and is reversible for a lighter or darker tone of all over zebra print. Only £21.50 when you use code TORTUE50 at checkout!


Our timeless French style clothing is designed to flatter and give you confidence whatever your body shape - from petite to plus size we love helping and advising on making the most of your wardrobe with personal styling for timeless elegance, everyday sophisitication or classic chic for all occasions.

You can shop our fabulous French fashion collection in the comfort of your own home or at one of our friendly pop up shops as a sustainable way to shop. Contact your local Tortue Stylist or find your nearest Stylist via the details in the “Meet Our Consultants” bit of our “About Us” section on the website!


Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!




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