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What to wear at Wimbledon! Tennis anyone ?

by Nina Butler 27 Jun 2023 0 Comments

It’s THAT time of year …. the weather has been fabulously hot and lovely for a few weeks now in preparation for the upcoming tennis season here in the UK but the question is – will it stay nice? or will we be seeing Cliff Richard serenading the crowds waiting if rain stops play at Wimbledon again this year???  Will Andy Murray have us on the edge of our seats or shouting encouragement to him on the edge of defeat (challenging the umpire on the telly “MacEnroe style” … ”that ball was out!” ??

I have lots of admiration for anyone who plays tennis.  Personally I am useless at it – hand eye co-ordination when balls are flying at speed is not my speciality – I’m the person who ducks at swingball with the kids (and frequently misses contact between the ball and a racquet!) and think I would end up in A&E if on the receiving end of a super fast super serve that the professionals do!

So, fresh from the Clay Grand Slam Tournament of France that saw Novac Djokovic effectively crowned as “Super (tennis) man” we enter the grass tournaments here in the UK.  

19th to 25th June sees the Queens Club Tournament in London before Wimbledon which starts on 26th June until 16th July and the Hall of Fame Tennis Championship on 17th July so plenty of balls will be flying around for the next four weeks or so!

My favourite bit of tennis season is seeing what the people in the crowds on Centre Court are wearing to attend the event!   At the end of the day, if it is a hot sticky summer you want something that will keep you cool, is comfortable to wear and is not going to crease if the match you are watching goes in to a 5 set tiebreaker!

So here is our TENNIS EDIT where we have selected pieces from our collection that meet those practical needs as well as fitting the traditional tennis environment colour palette too!!!


These tennis ball brights will get you noticed in the crowds (if you recorded the match on the TV) and are super cool to wear too!

The embroidered trousers are available in sizes 6-16 and the bi material top (with linen back) in sizes 6-24








“Ace” in ice “tennis” whites

Our fab 100% cotton shorts are part of our Planet Tortue “eco” range helping to keep both you and the planet cool as well as having all the pocket storage space that you need!

Or perhaps you are rocking the denim jumpsuit trend?  Ours is made in white 98% cotton denim with 2% elastane for a little bit of comfort stretch – perfect for a bit of breathing space after wolfing down those strawberries and cream before the match!

Our nifty white shirt is “set” (see what I did there??) to be a favourite – just like the motif!  A little bit is “offside” in its asymmetric styled hemline and perfect for a more tailored look.

Love”-ing the vibrancy of green grass?

If you tend to shy away from wearing bright colours, start by wearing a neutral colour (like the whites above) and add a green accessory.  Our resin link necklace can be adjusted to whatever length you like – short or long!  You can also split the links to wear as a bracelet and necklace “set” too!

Get the strawberries and cream ready, fill up that jug of Pimms and settle in!  Good luck to everyone competing in professional, amateur and “friendly” tennis matches this year wherever you play and if you fancy getting the low down on what tournaments are being played where in the UK and further afield then head to the BBC Sport pages online for a full calendar at

Angela  x


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