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We all need support sometimes

by Nina Butler 15 May 2024 0 Comments


I'm taking over from Angela with this blog post.    Firstly to say a big thankyou to her for writing all our fab interesting blogs and to take the opportunity to mention a few others I want to say thankyou to.

As you may know I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my hearing about 2 years ago - maybe one day I'll write a blog on what happened as it's been truly life changing.    Today though I want to say a massive thankyou to Julian our 'Company Secretary' and Accountant.    He is so patient with me and we do everything over message and email as I can't hear a word he says!    (Well it wasn't possible for him to teach me excel pivot tables, so that needed a face to face meeting and lots of pointing demonstration, but we got there in the end.).   If there is an award for amazing accountants that go over and above - I'd be nominating him. 

I've also had amazing support from Rosie Gilbert who is a NatWest Acceleration Program Manager.    It's obvious I wouldn't be able to manage a face to face group with my hearing loss situation but she was willing to try to help support me on the digital cohort.  It's not been easy for either of us, but it always increases my confidence a little more and raises my spirits when you find someone who at least is willing to try.    If you haven't heard of the NatWest Accelerator Program and you have a small business then look it up! 

Thankyou to those who do keep their camera's on during meetings so I can try to lipread and thankyou to those who don't mind me spitting my coffee out when reading the hilarious captions - took me ages to work out what 'back room sex' was - for context it should have been 'if you want to discuss this further you can go back into room six'. 

So here's a quick shout out to some of the amazing businesses and entrepreneurs I've met and who have been very very kind - when everyone is so so busy, your patience and inclusion means the world to me, I wish it could be the norm.    

If you want to help get rid of one use plastics and have a fabulous 'snow' soap dispenser instead of liquid soap please check out the incredibly lovely Lisa's company 

And Alison and Simon's personalised childrens books are an amazing gift choice for little ones check them out here   

Be kind always Nina x

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