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Layer Cakes and our tips on layering!

by Nina Butler 31 Jan 2024 0 Comments

Anyone else a fan of Bake off? Whether you are into eating cake or not it's such fun watching the bakers attempt their technical challenges set by Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith and the amazing “showstopper challenges” that they come up with too! I rewatched an episode recently that had a layered cake challenge and this got me thinking about how we dress in this “inbetween” season when many Spring/Summer pieces are a bit too geared up for nice weather especially when we still have all the named storms coming through with gale force winds and constant rain!!!

Like a Bake off showstopper challenge, at this time of year layers are the way to go but just how many layers should you go for? And can you wear too many layers??? (well yes – if you remember that episode of Friends where Joey wears the entire contents of Chandler's wardrobe) so where to start and how to get it right?

We always suggest starting from the base layer and working from there so firstly think about your starting point for example jeans and a spaghetti strap or tank top. This way you can get your underwear right for the base of your outfit – a strapless bra with the spaghetti strap top and undies that work for your body shape without leaving a “VPL” are a must have before you go any further!

Did you know that our Style Consultant Suze has recently trained and qualified as a bra fitter? If you are in the South of England then this is an additional service that she can provide at style sessions to help you get the foundations right for any outfit and like the foundations of a house, your undergarments are crucial to getting the foundations of your outfit right too!

Our base layer Emma Tank Top has spaghetti straps and is available in Ecru, Petrol Blue, Green Grey, Honey Mustard and Black. These tops are a great essential for your wardrobe. Not only are they eco designed as part of our Planet Tortue range they are 96% super soft viscose with 4% elastane for a little stretch to be super comfortable too!

These tops are looking good with shorts in summer, worn mix and match style with our fabulous “Reuse” pyjamas AND look great worn under a shirt or knit for extra warmth or to bring a colour splash to highlight some of the intricate details in our openwork pieces in the collection like our fabulous Black Openwork Back Cardigan with fancy knitting and ¾ sleeves for a little sophistication as well as comfort.

Our Crochet Polo Collar Jumper comes in Green Grey and Ecru colourways. Its expertly crafted with an openwork knit featuring a subtle lurex thread and slightly flared sleeves for a little touch of elegance and a straight cut to the body to flatter your silhouette. Opt for the same colour as the garment if you want to be discreet or a contrast colourway that tones in with the rest of your outfit if you want to draw attention to the details/openwork.

Generally we suggest sticking to 4 or 5 layers max:-


Think base layer “vest” under layer type of garment


an over shirt, knit or top


a lightweight cardigan, jacket (or a shirt worn open like a jacket)


a finishing warm jacket or coat.


This way you have enough layers to keep you warm without looking bulky and there are layers that you can always peel off and stick in your bag if you are too hot!

Some of our favourite combinations from the new collection are here but don’t forget – the whole point of our Tortue range is that you build a capsule collection of clothing over time so don’t forget to look in your wardrobe at what you already have as the colours in our collections are designed in tones that you can mix and match with pieces from previous collections which gives you so many more outfit combinations too!

Once you have the basics of your layered outfit you can then style it with accessories by adding footwear, belts and jewellery to suit your own style personality. This season we have some fabulous glitter trainers, beautiful lace trainers and funky floral trainers that match our Flower Ruffled Shirt too and multifunction twilly scarf that can be worn in your hair or as a bracelet too!

Our Design Team have listened to customer feedback and produced our gorgeous beige tan scalloped belt in leather this season for an added touch of luxury. It has timeless style and is curated from 100% split exquisite leather featuring stunning gold coloured studs and buckle to elevate your wardrobe. It is great for your own outfit or as a lovely gift too!

Some people have a clear steer on what is “them” when it comes to clothing but if you feel a bit overwhelmed at putting items together, or feel like you don’t really know what suits and works for you that is where our friendly team of Style Consultants come in! We can help you find what works for you that makes you feel good and confident in what you wear and how to style it.


The really FAB news is that our Personal Styling has now evolved to offer you a FREE 15 MINS STYLE CONSULTATION which can be booked directly with your Tortue Style Consultant or via our Tortue.UK website where we can put you in touch as we love to help with our fab range of clothing that gets you compliments!

We have got lots of Fashion Shows and styling events booked right acoss the country so check out our Tortue UK social media pages for details of where we have events to inspire you!


Angela x

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