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Get That “On Screen” Fashion Style

by Nina Butler 03 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Get That “On Screen” Fashion Style

“Women look to you to make them feel good about themselves.  Don’t underestimate the power you have to do that!” Sylvie from Emily In Paris.

For this weeks blog we were inspired by this quote from hit Netflix series ‘Emily In Paris’ and thought we would take a look at our favourite fashion based “chick flicks” and how you can steal their style!  When you think about it, any film or programme is fashion based as it tells the story of the time it was set but we came up with a few favourites covering various style classics whilst giving you some ideas for a home Movie Night at the same time!

1950’s based - Mrs Harris Goes To Paris is a film about a cleaning lady from London who dreams of owning her own Christian Dior dress after being inspired by one owned by a client of hers.  The story covers her trying to save the money before eventually heading out on her own to Paris to buy her dress and what happens when she is there.  It’s a heartwarming story – does what it says on the tin and has some beautiful couture moments in there too!  Mrs Harris befriends a beautiful young model called Natasha (think Audrey Hepburn style) who is often seen in classic ‘Breton’ style stripes in her dress up and dress down moments too!  

You can steal Natasha’s style by wearing our striped black and cream jumper or striped top from Stories (coming soon !) with our ecru or black zip cropped cigarette trousers  - wear your hair in a pony tail (if It is long enough) and you have that French girl chic meets Breakfast At Tiffanys look!

1960’s/70’s based – Cruella is fab!!! Not just the clothes, but the music too!  Mainly set in London at a couture fashion designers team this is not just the back story of Cruella De Vill from 101 Dalmations but a fabulous story of being “different” and creative, and finding your own way in life.  Its up there as one of my favourite films of all time!!!!!  The rivalry between Estella/Cruella (played by Emma Stone) and her Fashion Designer Idol “The Baroness” (played by Emma Thompson) is brilliant.  The music is catchy – the designs/creativity are amazing and when you watch it you will feel strangely drawn to needing to go visit the Liberty store next time you are in London!!

You can steal Estella’s style by wearing our tapered cuff trend trousers with black Java tee – add a fitted black jacket and as much black eyeliner as you can take and you’ve nailed the look!

1980’s/90’s based – Pretty Woman is the story of Vivian (played by Julia Roberts) who goes from being a “lady of the night” in Hollywood to befriending a rich handsome businessman (played by Richard Gere) and accompanying him as his companion.  We won’t go into too many details as I don’t think there is anyone left in the whole wide world (over 20 years old) who hasn’t seen this film!  So many styles to choose from here but our most favourite part of the film ever HAS to be the shopping scene so you can steal the style from this film by having your own shopping and style session with one of our Consultants.  We promise you won’t be making a “big mistake – huge mistake” when you meet with us 1:1 like Vivian or as a group with your friends!  We are not snooty like some assistants in the film – we LOVE getting together with clients for a try on session and there is no obligation to spend a certain amount of money!  What you will get is tailored “real” advice that helps you to be confident in what you wear and how you wear it!


2000’s based – The Devil Wears Prada

Another great classic set in a fashion magazine editor’s office (think American version of Vogue).  Miranda is the aloof, arrogant and challenging boss (played by Meryl Streep) who expects everyone to jump to her every whim (no matter how unreasonable it is!).  Andi (played by Anne Hathaway) is her new PA who hasn’t got a clue about fashion or the fashion industry and only took the job believing that if she could put up with Miranda for a year, then the experience would open up other journalism jobs in other sectors for her.     The film charts how Andi deals with the pressure, how it takes over her life and how she attempts to “fit in” at work despite her co-workers being less than helpful a lot of the time.   From sensible “warm” wrap up clothing to start with, Andi transforms like a butterfly during the film both in terms of how she deals with life and in terms of what she wears and her appearance in general to look more professional, like a PA!  Think smart tailored jackets, short skirts with tights/boots and in one scene in particular a butterfly themed top beneath the jacket.  

You can steal Andi’s style with our Butterfly print scarf or go for the Little Miss mixed print dress under a tailored jacket as the print reminds us of a close up of the pattern on the wings of a butterfly!

Now! – Emily In Paris

Well – firstly if you haven’t watched Emily in Paris yet all we can say is where have you been?  This hit Netflix show is now in its third series following the life a young Marketing Executive from Chicago called Emily (played by daughter of singer Phil Collins) who is unexpectedly sent to Paris to work for French Marketing Agency “Savoir” which is co-owned by the American company that she works for (and she doesn’t speak French!).  The show charts her attempts to fit in both inside and outside of work, dealing with all the French traditions and lack of respect from her co-workers along the way as well as making friendships/love life (its “will they or won’t they” - if you remember those old Nescafe adverts!).   Some fantastic larger than life marketing clients and promotions add some fun – especially two fashion OTT rival clients that we love!  We recommend that you “binge watch” from the first episode of Series 1 and like a good book you will find that you don’t want to stop and just want to keep watching the next episode to see what happens.  There are some fantastic outfits from Emily (think loud, bright, gaudy sometimes and some very unusual feathery ones!), but we love Sylvie’s style – Emily’s boss at Savoir.  Think sexy, chic French understated classic style that can be found in our Trend collections.

You can steal Sylvie’s style with the bronze sparkly fine knit jumper or our Trend Jumpsuit accessorised with a glass of your favourite tipple over a nice long lunch al fresco with friends!        Angela x

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